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Green Witch

Witches bowl

Historically a green witch, using the energies of plants and trees around her to heal others. Those who needed her services traveled to see her. These days, a green witch is more likely to be living in the middle of a city or in the suburbs. She could work in any of a variety of fields.

A green witch isn't defined by where she lives or what she does to bring home a paycheck. Nor is she limited to working with plants, trees, or herbs. She is not, as people might assume, defined solely by the particular way she expresses her spirituality or by the religion she follows. A green witch is defined by her relationship to the world around her, by her ethics, and by her affinity with the natural world.
In essence, she lives the life of a green witch: she lives the green path. The path of the green witch is an intensely personal path that integrates ability, likes and dislikes, the climate of a particular geographic location, and interaction with the energy of that environment. It isn't a tradition so much as a personal adaptation of an ideal.


The Path of the Green Witch
In popular perception, the practice of green witchcraft is a nature-based expression of spirituality that focuses on the individual's interaction with his or her natural environment. Witchcraft itself is a practice that involves the use of natural energies as an aid to accomplishing a task or reaching a goal.

The concepts of healing, harmony, and balance are all key to the green witch's practice and outlook on life.


These concepts embody three distinct focuses:

1. The earth (your local environment, as well as the planet)
2. Humanity (in general, as well as your local community and circles of friends and acquaintances)
3. Yourself


The green witch understands that the earth incorporates the planet and all living things upon it, including animals, plants, and people. People are also the green witch's province. The modern green witch understands that humanity impacts the natural world, not only through how individuals treat it, but also via the energy created by their feelings and beliefs. Just as nature's energy affects us, so too does our energy affect nature, and that effect isn't always positive.
Therefore, the green witch seeks to maintain harmony between humanity and nature. She also understands that people affect other people with their energy, and she strives to maintain a harmonious energetic environment in which people can feel calm and empowered to improve themselves in a positive fashion and interact with each other with ease and love.

Ref: The Green Witch Book 

Basket and Wild Flowers







1. 地球 (當地的環境,以及地球) 
2. 人性   (當地的社區和朋友圈和熟人) 
3. 自己 


綠色女巫熱愛大自然,明白大地包容: 地球及其所有生物,包括動物、植物和人類。

因此,綠女巫力求維持人與人之間的和諧與自然。 她也明白人類能互相影響,她努力保持和諧及充滿活力的環境,讓周遭的生物感到平靜和充滿力量,以積極的方式提高自己並與每個人互動能感到輕鬆自在和愛。

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