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fairy elements
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The fairy star

The fairy star

The Tales of Hoffmann_ Barcarolle

The Sun 

Element : Fire        Higher Self : Power, determination

Focus : Life, regeneration, divine spark

The Forest

Element : Earth      Higher Self : Wisdom, growth

Focus : Fertility, abundance, stability

The Sea               Higher Self: Harmony, tranquillity

Element : Water

Focus : Womb, blood flow, emotions

Magic                 Higher Self : Alchemy, glamour

Focus : Natural and complex magic

The Moon            Higher Self : Power of the mind

Focus : Triplicate of the Goddess, cycles

The Wind            Higher Self : Commitment, mind

Element : Air

Focus : Imagination, creativity, movement

Connection          Higher Self : Life-force, oneness

Element : Spirit

Focus : Interconnection, divinity, unification

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Basil: Happiness, Love, Peace and Money

Cloves: Protection, Friendship, Luck

Cranberries: Gratitude and Abundance

Ginger: Healing, Power and Success

Mint: Banishment

Rosemary: Psychic protection, peace of mind Presvents nightmares.

Sage: Cleansing and Purification

Thyme: Courage, Strength and a positive attitude

fairy herbs

Flower fairies

Flowers bring the sacred gifts of colour and fragrance to the world and are a natural source of cosmic energy that we can draw upon. So, whether we are aware of it or not, fairies urge us to literally 'smell the roses'! The natural healing power of the roses will penetrate deep into our heart and open us up to love.



The ROSE Fairy
Drawing by Cicely Mary Barker
United Kingdom 1895–1973

Rose fairy

Fairies  Jewellery

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