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String Quintet In e Major, Op. 13_ Minuet

The String Quintet in E major, Op. 11, No. 5 (G 275), by Luigi Boccherini 

Used in Soviet cartoon Alice in Wonderland (1981 film).

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Alizc, founder of alizcgarden, believes that “simple production makes high-quality products''.

All products are made with natural ingredients; no chemicals, preservatives or foaming agents are added.

After rigorous training by aromatherapists and handmade soap maker,

the carefully calculated formula of each product can be used safely by customers.


We do not put emphasis on high-efficiency treatment, because there are differences in personal physique and spirituality, everyone responds differently to the treatment. However, we can learn about nature from the products - how natural resources benefit humans and animals, and how we can be inspired by the inter-connectedness of all living organisms, plants and animals on earth.


As the clock ticks, our world is in the times of fundamental change. What people need now is not materialism but nourishment that could heal souls. Back to nature, we can purify our hearts. On a daily basis, as we learn more about natural products, we think a bit more about nature. We live on earth and feel the connections between plant and animals. It’s this moment of reflection that we hope to share with everyone.

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about alizc

Alizc, a freelance 3D designer, is enthusiastic about everything in nature.


She has been attending different botany and horticulture courses not limited to Modern Floral Design, Landscape Design, Holistic Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Therapy & Soap Making Instructor since 2009.


She then shares the beauty and knowledge about nature through her classes.

She hopes that beauty from nature will heal human body and soul well, as well as original visual effect.