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We, urbanites, shower at least once a day. Body soap is washed away with water and drains to the sea. No trace remains on our skin or in our mind. Soap is for cleansing, that’s how we know about it. However, a piece of handmade soap means much more.


A few worldwide health and beauty groups introduced bottled shower gels, shampoos and conditioners back in the 80s. These products catered for family use use and remarked with great success in terms of convenience and fashion. Combined with celebrities’ promotion, people were convinced and changed their pattern of consumption. As a result, bar soap declined in demand; even being considered only as products of choice for the lower class within a society.


The major ingredient of handmade soap is carrier oil, which is also known as vital oils, these oils is the safest for Mother Nature. Plants exist on earth are closely related to the universe. 

Many plants have their own star. Plant cells and human cells are constituted with the same basic structure for their survivial on Earth. They both rely extensively on air, sunlight and water in their life cycle. Carrier oils are the organic compounds of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen; they are humans’ life essentials. When our skin is in contact with carrier oils, our blood vessels and cells can easily absorb the nutrients.


The process of soap making, and the use of it, is eco-friendly. Washed soap water can fully decompose in the ocean and no harmful chemicals are produced and left in the sea.

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